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How do you save a wounded bird ?

How do you save a wounded bird ?

The anti-rust tea to be in shape this winter

Prepare your body from winter ailments today with a course of Beauty Garden Anti-Rust Herbal Tea

How to take care of your skin microbiota ?

The microbiota ... Almost certain that you have already heard of it! The best known is the gut microbiota, but did you know that the skin also has its own microbiota? We tell you more about the skin microbiota and how to preserve it.

Why are cosmetic samples going to disappear ?

Because being committed to the planet also means making radical decisions! So, we announce that at Beauty Garden, we are doing away with samples from today!

Protection of microbiota

We cultivate our garden to create organic cosmetics. And for the skin as for our earth, we attach particular importance to their protection. And yes, did you know that permaculture and organic cosmetics have a common philosophy ?