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4 advantages of solid soap
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4 advantages of solid soap

For some time now, solid soap has been making a comeback in our bathrooms. It's a great way to get rid of those pesky stains and scratches that can make your skin look like it was made in the old days. Small overview to convince the most reluctant:

The benefits of solid soap:

Solid soaps are more environmentally friendly than shower gels! Often marketed in a simple cardboard box (recycled and recyclable) or even without packaging in some stores, solid soap requires far fewer resources than a liquid soap. Indeed, even if more and more shower gel bottles are recyclable, they still generate waste for the planet and require more energy to be recycled. For an almost zero waste shower, solid soap is the right solution!

solid soap

Solid soap is less expensive :

With the traditional shower gels, we tend to over-consume; that is to say to use much more shower gel than necessary. Indeed, we often put a consequent dose of liquid soap in the hollow of our hand to soap ourselves. Not very economical, the bottle is emptied at high speed. With solid soap, no more waste! You only use what you need and the bar lasts much longer than the bottle of shower gel.

Moreover, the price per kilo is often much lower than the classic shower gels! The calculation is quickly made: the solid soap is cheaper and it lasts longer! And we thought with our soap solid block.

A soap very usefull !

No need to carry a huge toiletry kit when you travel, solid soap takes up very little space! It can be used for the body but also for the hands and the face, it avoids multiplying the products! Little more: no more worries about taking the plane, the solid soap can travel in the hold without any worries and without any restriction of capacity :-)

savon solide beauty garden pain de savon écologique économique

A soap better for you skin :

The solid soap often has a healthier composition than liquid soaps. It is better to prefer cold saponified soaps, a gentle and slow method of preparing soap. This preserves all the properties of the ingredients used.

This method does not require external cooking, it is the saponification that harnesses its own heat in the mold to create the soap. The process is longer, since the soap must "lay" 4 weeks. This method is reserved for handcrafted soaps and allows to keep the glycerin from the saponification process, and thus to bring a significant nourishing effect compared to an industrial soap.

solid soap bio

If despite all this, you are still not convinced, here is our latest info:

Solid soaps are less hygienic. This is FALSE! Indeed, given their solid form, they do not contain enough water for bacteria to proliferate. However, you must keep your solid soap in a dry place after use. So it's best to avoid leaving it on the edge of the bathtub!

So, convinced ? You can discover Beauty Garden's calendula soap: 100% natural - vegan - cruelty free and whose fine and creamy foam releases fine calendula petals to gently clean the skin :-)

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