AB (1) certified Organic herbal teas and  Natrue***(2) certified organic cosmetics

100% natural ingredients, creative, active blends


A spotlight on wood with our eco-designed packaging!

Packaging transformed and made in France* using French materials. Made from PEFC labelled wood, with certified paper labels and natural inks.


5 examples of the Beauty Garden approach:

- We favour biodegradable raw materials
- Our plants and vegetables are suited to the sun and climate
- In the garden, we have an insect hotel which is currently home to a group of ladybirds who are controlling the aphids in the garden (3). So, we don’t need pesticides!

- We never have, nor never will use palm oil or any of its derivatives in our organic cosmetics.

- Our organic cosmetics and our ingredients are obviously not tested on animals! We do not condone this practice and animal testing is actually banned by the cosmetic law, CE no. 1223/2009. 


Beauty Garden is committed to a quality, environmentally friendly approach.

Management systems for quality and environment have been put into place for the production of our teas and organic cosmetics, so we can meet your expectations for protecting the environment.



Over to you...

To continue with our eco-sustainable approach, please don’t throw out our packaging, give it a new lease of life! (4)


All our certificates are available upon request: hello@beautygarden.com

* Some of our eco-designed packaging can also be from Spain depending on the lots manufactured, but it is still close to home in kilometers.