A touch of luxury plus a touch nature, creating herbal teas and cosmetics in Auriac in Correze, France! Since April 2014, we have been growing produce for organic teas in our large flower field and organic cosmetics in our vegetable garden. Vegetables, spices and herbs

Inspiration in abundance! Beautiful landscapes, chocolate and herbal teas are our passion!

The Beauty Garden team:

1 - Bernard Mas, Beauty Garden’s creator. He comes up with ideas for organic products inspired by the nature in his garden.
2 - Carole, the herbalism expert. She’s the one who creates all the recipes for our teas and cosmetics and cares for the flowers we grow for tea.
3 - Christian, the gardener. His HQ? The vegetable garden. He lovingly cares for the vegetables for your future cosmetics.
4 - Marie, organic addict. She takes care of communication, our lovely wooden boxes and behind the scenes of our
organic products.