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Why are cosmetic samples going to disappear ?

Because being committed to the planet also means making radical decisions! So, we announce that at Beauty Garden, we are doing away with samples from today!

The revolutionary solid cosmetics box !

A new process developed by a beekeeper in our region. He "cultivates" mycelium fibres with plants. In a few days the mycelium roots make the connection with the plants, then Rémi dehydrates them to fix the material. And bam, it makes a balm box !

The organic walnut scrub is coming back

The organic walnut scrub is back in the Beauty Garden range! Now available in a tube, you can take it with you in the shower.

What do you think about white flowers in our night serum ?

In his famous song, Laurent Voulzy leaves his heart to the power of flowers. At Beauty Garden we also believe in the power of flowers, but not just any flowers, white flowers to be exact!

3 facts about our cosmetics which are not tested on animals

Because you have a lot of questions about animal testing, because we often have the opportunity to discuss it together and because this subject is very important to us, here are the answers to 3 questions you often ask us on the subject.

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