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12 mai , 2023

Daisy oil : How do we use it to care for your eye area ?

The eye contour is one of the most sensitive areas of the face, where signs of aging and fatigue are often the most visible. To remedy this, many people are looking for natural solutions to take care of this part of the face...

What to do in December in the vegetable garden ?

Indeed, the end of the year being here, the garden is resting and requires less attention. But that doesn't mean that this month will be all rest, don't worry! Let's put everything back in order to start again on the right foot for next year!

What to do in November in the vegetable garden ?

Sowing and harvesting are no longer in the cards, so let's get to cleaning up! Yes, it is important to find your way around and maintain your garden. This will help you see things more clearly.

Do you know your own courges ?

Do you know your own courges ?

Beauty Garden cosmetics with banana, mango or avocado ?

Settled for almost 10 years in our garden in the Corrèze, our team takes stock of this year 2022, the driest ever since our first cosmetic. As you know, we have chosen to offer cosmetics that go far beyond organic certification. Our active ingredients are very, very locally sourced as they grow exclusively in our garden. For us, this is the best way to control the quality of our active ingredients but also to offer sustainable cosmetics with a re