Our organic and natural herbal teas and cosmetics are directly inspired by traditional herbalism methods. For example, we harvest a large portion of our ingredients through wild foraging in our community. This is a true indicator of quality because wild plants that grow in their natural environment are highly concentrated in active ingredients. Each harvesting area is audited by ECOCERT to ensure organic certification and the preservation of natural resources.

manufacture of natural cosmetics
cosmetics and herbal teas

Gentle Drying Method : We dry our plants at 35°C, the ideal temperature for extracting the plant's water while preserving the flavors and active principles!

Pure macerates and hydrolats of unique quality

The oils used in our organic and naturals cosmetics are pure macerates of our plants! For example, for a 100ml bottle of our organic calendula oil, it is more than 30 beautiful flowers of the summer which were macerated... the guarantee to find the soothing, protective, nourishing benefits of this flower.

We distill our own plants. And for 1 L of hydrolat, we use 1 Kg of fresh leaves. A technical detail but one that guarantees a very high concentration of active molecules …

organic cosmetic macerates