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A day in our garden

In the summer in the garden, our plants need a lot of care and attention, and that's why we welcome Lisa as an intern to give the team a hand! She tells you about a day in the Beauty Garden.

Three tips to manage the time change

Your body needs about ten days to find its biological rhythm after a time change. The change to daylight saving time is the most confusing for the body. And yes, your nights will be shorter, we lose an hour of sleep !

By rain weather, think about the nettles !

Not easy to grow calendula or chamomile in this weather in Corrèze! Moreover, with the rain, weeds are like in paradise and grow in every corner of the garden. So today it's weeding in the rows of peppermint ...

Three simple rituals for a peaceful night

With the change of season the sleep is sometimes disturbed, our small team tested and approved three rituals to put in place before the bedtime for a good night.

The ingredients in our cosmetics

Recently we received some questions about the ingredients in our organic cosmetics. And yes, it's good to see that we are more and more sensitive to the quality of the products we put on our skin. So many of us were interested in the UFC que choisir survey on ingredients in cosmetics.