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What to do in November in the vegetable garden ?
By 21 novembre , 2022 0 Commentaire

What to do in November in the vegetable garden ?

The cold weather is settling down in our gardens and it's nice to stay warm under a blanket... But our vegetable garden needs all our attention. Let's have a closer look at what is waiting for us in this beautiful month of November. Apriori a rather sportive month, since we have to start preparing for the next year. Sowing and harvesting are no longer on the agenda, so let's get to cleaning! Yes, it's important to find your way around and maintain your garden. This will help you see things more clearly.

1. Digging up clay soils :

Some gardens may have clay soil. This phenomenon is a gardener's dread. Hard soil does not allow plants to grow properly and does not let water in. It is therefore necessary to remedy it as soon as possible! To do this, use a spade to turn over your soil, crushing and breaking up each part. You can moisten it a few days later. Then mulch to protect it.

2. Mulch the garden soil :

As we did in summer to save water during watering, we will repeat the mission this winter but this time with straw! Indeed, mulching the soil will protect it from the coming frosts. Spread straw over the whole garden (about 10 cm thick).

3. Cleaning birdhouses :

Remember, we made and installed birdhouses in January. You may have had the chance to observe some occupants this year. In order for these little animals to reoccupy the area, we need to clean the nest boxes. But before that, make sure that there are no more occupants (eggs, chicks ...), also be alert to wasp nests. Then, put on a pair of gloves, empty the nesting box of all material and clean it with a brush and hot water. You can then replace them and wait for spring to be inhabited again!

4. Mixing the compost :

How is your compost doing since its creation last month? By the way, if you want to know how to make one, check out our article from October : What to do in October in the vegetable garden ? Compost does not require much maintenance, but to aerate it, consider stirring it. This will mix the kitchen waste and help the composting process. See you next month for our last episode !

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