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The secrets behind our purifying and soothing solid mask
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The secrets behind our purifying and soothing solid mask

The secret of our products' effectiveness! Handcrafted... In our quest for natural, committed beauty, there's nothing better than making our own handmade cosmetics. In this article, we reveal the secrets behind our brand-new organic clay & chamomile mask, made with love and craftsmanship.

Selected quality ingredients :

The first essential step in our artisanal manufacturing process is the selection of the highest quality ingredients. For our chamomile and green clay mask, we harvest the organic chamomile flowers by hand. This is the best way to preserve all their beneficial properties. Likewise, our green clay is carefully selected for its purity and natural origin. It's also very local, as we source it from the neighboring Dordogne department !

camomille cueillette

Preparing the ingredients :

Once the ingredients have been selected, our team of experts takes charge of preparation. Chamomile flowers are gently dried, then macerated in organic vegetable oil to preserve all their soothing properties. The green clay is finely ground to obtain a soft, easy-to-mix texture.

camomille cueillette

Assembling the ingredients :

The next step is to mix the chamomile oil and green clay in precise proportions, ensuring a homogenous texture. This step requires meticulous attention to detail, as it is here that the alchemy between the ingredients is created, offering the combined benefits of chamomile and green clay.

The benefits of chamomile and green clay: Chamomile is a flower with many virtues, known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is ideal for sensitive, irritated skin, reducing redness and skin irritation. Green clay is a powerful ingredient for deep skin purification. It absorbs impurities, regulates excess sebum and tightens pores, leaving your complexion fresh and radiant.

Adding complementary ingredients: To further enrich our mask and make it a complete skin care product, we incorporate complementary ingredients, such as organic wild pansy hydrolate to support the mask's purifying efficacy. We also add shea butter and flower wax for the mask's soothing and comforting effect. These complementary ingredients are carefully dosed to offer a pleasant sensory experience while deeply purifying the skin and protecting the cutaneous microbiota.

Hand-packed : Once preparation is complete, each mask is hand-packed in its own cardboard case. The cardboard is FSC-certified and printed in New Aquitaine. Each step is carefully carried out, from filling to labeling, to guarantee the product's quality and authenticity.


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