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Why are cosmetic samples going to disappear ?
By 23 septembre , 2022 0 Commentaire

Why are cosmetic samples going to disappear ?

Because being committed to the planet also means making radical decisions! So, we announce that at Beauty Garden, we are doing away with samples from today!

More sample sizes for Beauty Garden !

For 6 months now, we have not been producing samples for our organic cosmetics. And yet samples are important because they have an economic utility for any brand of cosmetics, that to make test the cream, the organic balm or the very soft scrub to all the customers. As you know, we do a lot of work on the quality of our organic cosmetics, and the sample also allows us to appreciate the quality of our work. We have often favored this way of making ourselves known. An ideal way to promote our formulas which are composed of quality ingredients from our garden, and transformed by us according to the herbalist traditions. And when we test a Beauty Garden cosmetic with a sample! We adopt it !

The sample is not an ecological format :

-  It is a package for a single dose of product.
- The material that composes them guarantees a perfect preservation of the product against heat, humidity or transport... But it is not always recycled.
- Sometimes the sample is forgotten at the bottom of the bag, and is not used. So there you have it, we won't have it anymore! We withdraw these references from the market as soon as the very last ones have found buyers. And yes, the best waste is the one we don't produce, and so we are proud to put into practice this zero waste mantra of Bea Johnson.

Fewer samples = more gifts:

And to continue to make you discover the quality of our organic and naturals cosmetics, we are also proud to rely on our network of partners throughout France. More than 200 points of sale can help you find the Beauty Garden cosmetic best suited to your skin. And it will always be possible to try them thanks to the testers that are proposed for our whole range. 

And for you who come to our e-shop, we will always have the pleasure to offer you small gifts in your order, but which will be guaranteed zero waste! To you the small organic soaps, the mini solid shampoos, the flower seeds from our garden, or the upcycled make-up remover wipe.

Choose organic cosmetics as committed as you are... 

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