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Shiatsu massage techniques
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Shiatsu massage techniques

The organic cucumber mask is formulated with organic cucumber juice, using a selection of biodegradable ingredients and exclusively from the plant world. All cucumbers are grown and harvested by Carole, our herbalist.

As a plant expert, she created this organic mask to moisturize & rest the skin after a long day. This fresh mask is suitable for all skin types. Its freshness effect is accentuated by an original texture, based on agar agar, which melts on the skin and releases the fresh effect of cucumber.

To wait during the application of the mask, relax, and give a real boost of freshness to your complexion, here are 4 wellness pressure points inspired by Shiatsu.

How to use the organic mask ?

Take a small quantity of mask and apply with your fingertips on the whole face and neck. This organic cucumber mask has an original solid texture, and can also be scooped with a small spoon before spreading on the face.

Break-in time: 10 minutes.

- Exercer circular pressure at the base of the eyebrows for 5 seconds.

- Apply circular pressure to the temples for 5 seconds.

The Shiatsu method:

Shiatsu is a Japanese-inspired wellness technique based on finger pressure points, which is practiced on the whole body. Shiatsu is well known for reducing stress, balancing the energy system, and stimulating the body.

- Exercer circular pressure on the highest point on the edge of the malar bone pendant 5 secondes.

- Exercise circular pressure under the lip from the outer edge toward the center for 5 seconds.

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