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Discover the effects of hard water on your skin !
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Discover the effects of hard water on your skin !

Do you know if the water in your house is hard? Discover the effect of hard water on your skin and how to take care of it.

What Is Hard Water ?

Hard water is water that contains calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. When the concentration of these minerals is very high, it is referred to as "hard" water. It is measured for this qualification using its water hardness level (TH), which measures the calcium and magnesium in the water. When it is higher than 15 °f or 10 milligrams of calcium, then the water is considered hard. In contrast, water that contains little calcium is referred to as "softened" water.


Effects of Hard Water on Combination or Oily Skin :

Hard water, which contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium, can have adverse effects on the skin, especially for people with problematic skin. Here are some reasons why hard water is not advantageous for skin beauty. 1. Skin pH Imbalance: Hard water has a high pH, which can disrupt the skin's natural pH balance. An imbalanced pH can lead to dry skin, overproduction of sebum, and increased sensitivity, which can worsen acne and imperfections. 2. Drying Effect: Hard water tends to be harsher and more abrasive on the skin. It can strip the skin's natural oils, causing dehydration and skin dryness. This can lead to overproduction of sebum to compensate for moisture loss, which can clog pores and cause acne breakouts. 3. Mineral Residues: Hard water often leaves mineral residues on the skin, which can clog pores and contribute to the formation of blackheads and other skin imperfections. These residues can also make it more challenging for skincare products to be absorbed, reducing their effectiveness. In contrast, using a specific lotion for problem skin offers several benefits. Firstly, lotions are typically formulated with gentle ingredients that help cleanse the skin deeply without aggressing or disrupting its natural balance. They often contain moisturizing agents that help maintain skin hydration, reducing excessive sebum production. Moreover, lotions for problem skin often contain active ingredients that specifically target the bacteria responsible for acne and help reduce inflammation and breakouts. In summary, hard water can have adverse effects on problem skin by disrupting its natural balance, drying it out, and clogging pores. Using a specific lotion allows for deep cleansing while preserving hydration and addressing specific issues related to skin imperfections, offering a more beneficial approach for healthy and radiant skin.


Hard Water for Normal to Dry Skin:

Hard water can also be unfavorable for dry skin in need of hydration. Here's why using a lotion is preferable for cleansing dry skin: 1. Increased Dehydration: Hard water can worsen skin dryness by stripping away the skin's natural oils. This leads to more significant dehydration, causing sensations of tightness, discomfort, and roughness. 2. Irritation and Itching: The mineral residues present in hard water can cause irritation and itching on already dry and sensitive skin. This can worsen existing problems and make the skin even more reactive. 3. Alteration of the Skin Barrier: The hardness of hard water can alter the protective function of the skin barrier. This can make the skin more vulnerable to external aggressors, such as environmental irritants, and lead to further degradation of natural skin hydration.



In summary, it is essential to inquire about the quality of the water you use and prefer rinsing your face with a lotion.

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