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best organic tonic lotion
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best organic tonic lotion

Are you familiar with apps like Yuka, or INCI Beauty, or Quel Cosmetic? We are delighted that this trend is enlightening consumers' choices, and allowing them to identify cosmetics that would contain undesirable substances! A great step forward!

However, today, a cosmetic that follows the rules of clean cosmetics, i.e. does not use controversial ingredients, can have exactly the same score as an organic, ethical, artisanal cosmetic that uses local ingredients and is eco-designed.

And because we find this sometimes a bit unfair, we wanted to point out to you, what these applications do not value, but which is nevertheless at the heart of the quality of a cosmetic in our opinion! So here are 10 reasons why our organic peppermint and nettle lotion is the best lotion:

Natural formulation of our lotion by our herbalist!

This may be a detail to you, but to the quality of our organic cosmetics, it means a lot. The traditional know-how of herbalism allows us to select the right dosage of ingredients for the skin, and to work towards an exceptional quality of ingredients.

Peppermint, the main ingredient of our lotion grown in our garden:

Organically grown. It grows far from any pollution, and with only sunshine and rainwater as fertilizers! We grow, weed, and harvest it by hand. It is particularly adapted to the soil and climate of Correze, so when harvesting it we get a plant rich in active.

The nettle is from our organic wild pickings around the garden:

A plant picked in the wild is extremely rich in active ingredients. It grows in the place that naturally contains all the elements necessary for its growth... a unique quality!

We make our peppermint and nettle hydrosols ourselves, in our barn, in the heart of the garden. :

So we can ensure that we distill the plants at the best of the season when they are rich in actives. We guarantee in the manufacture of our hydrolats, an optimal extraction ratio. That is to say, to obtain 1 liter of hydrolat, we harvest 1 kilo of fresh leaves. This extraction ratio allows a very important concentration of active molecules ...

Our lotion packaging is eco-designed!

With a glass bottle and wooden cap. The bottle and its pump are made less than 600km from us, and the wooden stopper is too! In addition the wood is PEFC certified, and guaranteed to be of French origin.

Local economy enhanced:

The photos of this organic cosmetic or our natural ingredients are made by local, independent photographers. The label is also made by a graphic designer, not far from us.

An organic and vegan lotion:

We do not use any product from animals or their exploitation. Our organic cosmetics and ingredients are also guaranteed to be free of animal testing of course, here and around the world. Our Natrue label, ensures this and guarantees that we do not distribute our products in markets where these tests would be performed.

An alcohol-free, fragrance-free face lotion:

For the greatest pleasure of your skin, and especially for reactive or sensitive skin, we do not use alcohol and do not add any fragrance in this 100% natural lotion. It is our two hydrolats that give the lotion this very natural scent.

And hop, the result of all that is an organic lotion with the purifying properties of nettle at the top of the top, and a high quality peppermint that tones, refreshes, allows to give back radiance and tightens pores! Little magic product from our "organic face care" collection.

It may have the same "score" on applications as other lotions, but try it, and share with us the difference for your skin!

For the guarantee of ethical, quality products, choose organic cosmetics that are as committed as you are.

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