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3 colours for this summer
By 18 mars , 2020 0 Commentaire

3 colours for this summer


The colour orange is associated with energy and action. It represents sun, heat, fire and light. Perfect for this beautiful summer.

And in our garden, orange is also the calendula in bloom and we love it! Carole is in the middle of harvesting them and is currently putting them in our drying room to prepare all your favourite products.



White is purity, cleanliness and perfection! It's also the colour we love to wear in summer because it goes with everything.

For our new organic night serum, we have selected 3 white flowers harvested by hand from our garden in Auriac and well known in herbalist shops for their sublimating properties. Nourishing and regenerating, this serum gives a perfect, smoother and more supple skin.

serumfleurs blanches


Soothing, refreshing, green is the colour of nature par excellence! Even if it's hot in our garden, we're happy to harvest our sun-drenched flowers, which will offer you the best care in the weeks to come! And of course, there's nothing better than going green to bear the heat and disconnect a little during the holidays :-) Photos by : Virginie Quéant & Beauty Garden.

jardin auriac

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