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By rain weather, think about the nettles !
By 18 mars , 2020 0 Commentaire

By rain weather, think about the nettles !

Your body needs about ten days to find its biological rhythm after a time change. The change to daylight saving time is the most confusing for the body. And yes, your nights will be shorter, we lose an hour of sleep !

Weeding in Auriac :

Not easy to grow calendula or chamomile in this weather in Corrèze! Moreover, with the rain, weeds are like in paradise and grow in every corner of the garden. So today it's weeding in the rows of peppermint...

Weeding is of course done by hand, or with a small shovel for deep roots. The plants we get rid of are of course not just thrown away... but we use them in the compost. The compost is then dispersed into our vegetable garden! And yes, at Beauty Garden, the wild herbs directly contribute to the health of our medicinal plants and vegetables. This is also why we don't like to call them "weeds".

Making your own nettle manure is easy !

Because there is not only compost in life, you can also use nettle manure. Nettle likes rain, so you will find it all around you in the countryside. If you don't have any in your garden, it is always important to choose places where you can collect them far from any source of pollution (roads, factories...). Nettle manure is a very effective natural fertilizer and is extremely simple to make :

- We pick its nettles.
-They are dipped in water.
- We wait a few days, and, it is ready !
- In the garden, only the liquid from this maceration is used. The nettle residue can then be composted.

A little tip from our gardener :

To make this somewhat odorous mixture, choose a container with a lid. The nettle manure will be made more quickly, and will be more effective!

Efficient also against parasites: this simple recipe of nettle manure is therefore an excellent fertilizer but not only! It is also used as a pest repellent. Aphids, for example, naturally move away from this mixture, and leave your/our plants in peace. It also helps the ladybugs, which are already helping us a lot! In short, it's simple, effective and natural: just try it at home! Otherwise, you can find all the freshness of nettles and peppermint in Our organic lotion and peppermint.

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