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Why have we chosen the NATRUE label to certify our cosmetics as organic ?
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Why have we chosen the NATRUE label to certify our cosmetics as organic ?

NaTrue: The international Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association

NaTrue is a label founded in 2007 by an international non-profit association with headquarters in Brussels. The purpose of this label is to promote and protect manufacturers of natural and organic cosmetic products, for the benefit of consumers worldwide. Its high requirements and strict standards make NaTrue the most demanding organic cosmetics label on the market. Thus, NaTrue is an international standard, known worldwide.

NaTrue offers 3 levels of certification:

  • Natural Cosmetics
  • Natural Cosmetics partly Organic

Requirements for NaTrue organic certification

NaTrue organic certification guarantees that at least 95% of the natural substances or derived natural substances used in the composition of our products are organic.

GMOs are prohibited, no pre-trochemical substances are permitted. Some pigments, minerals and preservatives may sometimes be used for consumer safety.

To verify that a brand meets these expectations, a NaTrue audit manager must visit the relevant company's facility and examine everything in detail, including raw material data sheets.

NaTrue's commitment to Greenwashing

Greenwashing is when a company spends time and money on advertising and marketing to let people know that its goods or services are environmentally friendly when in fact they are not. In other words, greenwashing is the act of making false or misleading statements about the environmental benefits of a product.

How does NaTrue guarantee that brands with one of its certifications is genuinely green natural or organic?

  • NaTrue requires that 75% of all products in a defined series of the brand must comply with the NATRUE standard. As far as Beauty Garden is concerned, 100% of our cosmetic products are!
  • The percentage of water is not counted in the total of natural ingredients: considered a neutral substance, it avoids inflating the percentage of naturalness of a product, so that Natrue certified products guarantee a maximum percentage of natural ingredients.
  • The calculation of the percentage of naturalness is adapted according to the type of product! For Beauty Garden being certified organic, the conditions are :

*NS: Natural substances (not generically modified)

** DNS: derived from non-ogm natural substances (results of authorized chemical reactions on natural ingredients).

For our Organic Herbal Teas : the AB Ecocert label



    As NaTrue is dedicated to cosmetic products, we have called upon the Ecocert organization to certify

    our organic herbal teas as AB.

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