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The solid balm box

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To preserve your solid organic balms from dust and light, we offer you this pretty balm box!

A somewhat incredible innovation that allows us to offer a 100% vegetable, 100% natural and 100% biodegradable box ... It is made up only of agricultural co-products, on which, Rémi, a beekeeper from the South West, has grown mycelium. . It is then covered with a natural wax ... and that's it! Its pretty wooden cover is made of pine and comes from French forests.

A unique and practical object, which can be reused to accompany all your Beauty Garden solid balms! (and those of friends of other brands as well of course ...)



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Balm box Made in France:

All the materials (wood, agricultural co-products, mycelium and wax) are of French origin.

The agricultural plants used for this box come from French farms in the South West (hemp, flax, sunflower ...), they are co-products. The use of these agricultural co-products is a source of additional value for agriculture, it also ensures that the manufacture of this box has not mobilized agricultural land or participated in deforestation.

Production process of the box:

The fibres in the box are grown in the South West of France.

The manufacturing process of the box is 100% natural. Beyond the plants, the only ingredients are water and time. Within 4 days, the mycelium roots begin to colonise the mixture and provide the bond between the plant particles... then it's just a matter of following the culture until the plants are completely covered.

Compostable box:

The box is infinitely reusable. It is water repellent which allows it to resist moisture and therefore have various uses over time.

Its decomposition is as surprising as its composition! As soon as the material is in a natural composting situation ( Heat of a compost, Humidity and bacteria ) it decomposes in 12 weeks. It can be returned to nature and used as compost in your garden. It is healthy and fertile.

Balm and multi-function box:

Box to hold a solid balm from the brand Beauty GARDEN.

The "magic" box can be reused as a pencil pot, storage box ... Its strength makes it a suitable substitute for plastic and PVC boxes. If you have a green thumb the box can be used as a flower pot.


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