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Protection of microbiota
By 31 août , 2022 0 Commentaire

Protection of microbiota

We cultivate our garden to create organic and naturals cosmetics. And for the skin as well as for our earth, we attach particular importance to their protection. And yes, did you know that permaculture and organic cosmetics have a common philosophy?

Our land :

Inspired by permaculture, we work our land by preserving its balance. We do not use any phytosanitary products, we give it time to breathe between crops, we water it with rainwater only... In the garden, we reserve complete spaces for the expression of the biodiversity, we do not practice any mowing on these zones. To circulate and work, we mow some parts of our land but with a 10cm mowing. This allows the land to preserve its balance, keep its freshness and maintain life. The preservation of biodiversity also allows a natural balance, ladybugs spare us the inconvenience of aphids, snakes (yes ... we have a few snakes ...) keep away the small rodents that like to nibble our plants by the roots, etc etc! Our ingredients grow on this land, guaranteeing a unique quality and a privileged space to offer us their active principles. fin

Our skin :

Inspired by a natural beauty philosophy, we also choose to preserve the skin's balance with our cosmetics. All of our products are formulated with a pH that respects the skin's own. We recommend simple and healthy beauty routines to give the skin the essential elements for its beauty. Cleanse without disturbing the skin's natural moisture balance, exfoliate without disturbing the skin's microbiota, moisturize with natural and biodegradable ingredients, and activate cell regeneration naturally with the benefits of nature. What if true luxury was organic cosmetics that take care of the skin but also the planet? If you think so, then choose organic cosmetics that are as committed as you are !

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