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What to do in October in the vegetable garden ?
By 07 juillet , 2022 0 Commentaire

What to do in October in the vegetable garden ?

Autumn is slowly settling into our gardens, letting the bright colors take over. The days are getting shorter and it is nice to spend time in the garden with these mild temperatures! But there is no time for vacations as we must now prepare for the arrival of winter. Let's see what we have to do this month.

1. Harvesting the pumpkins :

At Beauty Garden, the month of October is important because it is the ideal time to harvest our pumpkins. Some people like it in soup for winter, we prefer it as a face mask to be used during a cocooning day in the warmth. To discover without further delay on our e-shop! Cut with a pruning shears the stalk at about 5cm from the base of the fruit.

2. Preparing the soil for asparagus :

Asparagus is special and requires anticipation for the preparation of the soil. Indeed, we are going to prepare the trenches in October for a plantation at the end of the winter. To do this, we need to leave a space of 1.5 m between each row. Dig trenches about 25 cm deep and 35 cm wide. To finish, put compost at the bottom of the trenches. Planted between February and April, you will harvest it only 3 years later.

3. Planting garlic under cover :

Plant the bulbs in a row every 20cm and then space each row 30cm apart. The garlic will reach its mature size 6 to 8 months after planting.

4. Starting your compost :

Creating a compost will allow you to reduce your waste (peelings, vegetables, fruits...) and to save fertilizer, potting soil etc... To do this, first get your composter. Then, install it in the garden, on the grass. We can now start composting. Here are the steps to follow:

  • - Place at the bottom of the bin: twigs, leaves, soil.
  • - Place leftover vegetables and fruits.
  • - Alternate the deposit between waste and leaf.

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