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What to do in july in the vegetable garden
By 01 juillet , 2022 0 Commentaire

What to do in july in the vegetable garden

Like every beginning of the month, Beauty Garden invites you to discover 4 activities to do in the garden. Here is our selection for the month of July! Something to keep you busy during the summer vacations with the little ones! Because yes, the hot weather is back and the garden needs some attention. We can now get down to business, here are the 4 missions for this month of July :

advice from the vegetable garden in July

1. Sow broccoli in the ground :

For broccoli, choose a fresh and deep soil. Dig 2cm deep furrows and sow the broccoli. Remember to transplant every 50 cm, once the plants have 3 to 4 leaves.

2. Sowing fennels in the ground :

Fennel prefers a sunny exposure in a fresh and well-drained soil. Once the right location is chosen, sow a few seeds every 10 cm. When transplanting, space each row 40 cm apart.

3. Harvest the melons :

The melon is harvested 4 to 5 months after sowing. To pick the melon properly, cut the stalk at 3 cm from the fruit. Leaving the stalk on the fruit will guarantee a better preservation of the fruit. Now, let's start tasting !

4. Harvesting tomatoes :

Salad season is on ! And to make good salads, we need good tomatoes from the garden. Let the tomatoes ripen on the vine. Once they are well colored, we can move on to harvesting ! Some take longer than others... You can pick them and ripen them at home by wrapping each one in newspaper.

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