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What to do in June in the vegetable garden ?
By 27 avril , 2022 0 Commentaire

What to do in June in the vegetable garden ?

The morning frosts have definitely packed up and given way to sunshine and warmth ! June is an important month of the year in the vegetable garden. While some seedlings are developing little by little, others are already offering us their first harvest. So let's get busy in the garden to pamper our vegetables! Let's continue our sowing and planting without forgetting to water them in case of hot weather. Here are our four missions for June !

1. Planting peppers :

Yes ! The bell pepper is rare in French gardens and yet, it can be grown very well. A little capricious, reserve a warm and rich soil for it. Plant the bell pepper plants, spacing each plant about 50 cm apart. Water regularly.

2. Sowing zucchini :

vegetable garden in May

Often considered a vegetable, the zucchini turns out to be a fruit. There are a multitude of varieties, the best known is long and dark green. Once you have chosen your variety, let's get down to business! For a seedling in the ground, choose a rich, well-drained soil and a soil exposed to the sun.

Then dig 30 cm deep furrows, fill with compost and sow 2 to 3 zucchini seeds about 2 cm deep. Space the rows 1 m apart. The harvest will take place by August.

3. Harvesting carrots :

Remember, we had sown our carrots under cover in March. Well, it is now time to harvest them! But let's be careful! We will start by harvesting a plant and analyzing the roots.

This will let us know if your carrots are ripe. If the carrots form a round tip, you can harvest the rest. On the contrary, if the roots are spiky then the carrots are not yet ready to be eaten!

4. Planting cauliflower :

For this plantation, favour a fresh and rich soil. Space each row 40 cm apart and each plant 30 cm apart. Its final height will reach up to 70 cm. The harvest will take place in autumn. See you next month for more missions in the garden !

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