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April in the vegetable garden
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April in the vegetable garden

What a pleasure to be able to spend time in the vegetable garden, to listen to the birds singing... Yes! The mildness of spring is settling in but does not leave us any respite in the garden! It is already time to start the preparations for the future summer harvest. It is true that we appreciate the first rays of sunshine, however, April remains a rather cold month and a little treacherous depending on the region. So let's stay vigilant!

1. Planting early potatoes :

Remember, we germinated our potatoes last month, see our article : what to do in the vegetable garden in March ? The time has come to plant them !

For that it is important to privilege a space exposed to the sun, this trick will have allowed beforehand to warm up the ground to welcome our potatoes. After having decomposed your soil, dig furrows of 15 cm and place a tuber so that the sprouts are upwards then space each row of 40 cm.

Don't forget to pull up the soil around each foot when they have reached 15 to 20 cm.

2. Sowing beets in the ground :

It is true that beets contain many benefits for our body and our health. So to enjoy them this summer, let's start planting them now. Dig 2 cm deep furrows, spacing them 30 cm apart. Cover lightly with soil and water if you think the weather is too dry.

Thin your plants to 15 cm once the seedlings have 3 to 5 leaves.

3. Planting artichokes :

Artichoke planting is done through the eyelets of the young plants, they are located at the base of the vegetable. In a clay soil rich in humus, plant the eyelets with a distance of one meter between each plant.

4. Sowing melons under cover : 

As I told you, April is still cold and some sowing must be done under cover, this is the case for the melon. Sow in a cup 2 to 3 melon seeds at a depth of about 1 cm, point downwards. Then place the cups under cover to encourage growth.

The harvest will take place between July and September. See you in May for new missions!

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