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March in the vegetable garden
By 25 février , 2022 0 Commentaire

March in the vegetable garden

In most cases, the beginning of March announces the coming of spring. Only it can be delayed by the still present cold ! Despite the uncertain weather, we don't have time to be bored in the garden ! Many seedlings are waiting for us and here are some ideas :

1. Sowing carrots !

Sowing carrots under cover will allow them to protect themselves from the last frosts while waiting for the complete arrival of the good weather. It is important to prepare the soil beforehand. Indeed, carrots are demanding and prefer a deep and well decomposed soil. Once the soil is ready to receive them, we can start sowing. Here are a few tips :

  • - Dig 2 cm furrows.
  • - Space each row 30 cm apart.
  • - Keep the soil moist for a few weeks after sowing.

2. Sowing radishes under cover :

The radish is a vegetable plant belonging to the Brassicaceae family. It is loved for its speed of development (on average 3 weeks from sowing to harvest). Many varieties can be grown under cover but the most common is the "18 days" variety because as its name indicates, this vegetable can develop in 18 days under good conditions.

Use soft, moist soil and make 1 cm furrows spaced 20 cm apart. Cover with soil and water generously.

3. Sowing lettuce !

In this month of March, favour summer lettuce for sowing. It is important to know that lettuces do not tolerate too acidic soils and intensive exposure to light. Making sure the soil remains cool, sow the seeds 30 cm apart.

The first harvest will take place about 2 months later.

4. Germinating potatoes : 

Don't throw away your egg cartons anymore ! They can be useful to sprout your potatoes. To do this, simply arrange the potatoes in the compartments of the box without overlapping them and remember to place the future sprouts on top.

Keep the boxes in a cool and dry place. We will be able to plant them next month... See you in April !

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