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herbal tea detox
By 27 avril , 2021 0 Commentaire

herbal tea detox

Spring is here, it's the season of buds, of nature's renewal, of the first rays of sunshine on our faces and of the birds coming back to sing in the garden (or on the balcony)! And it is also the season when we hear the most about detox. And you, have you already succumbed to it? There's still time, so we're telling you all about the spring detox.

What is detox ?

At the change of season, and after the excesses that are sometimes comforting in winter, it can be good to treat yourself to a detox. The kidneys and liver, in charge of eliminating toxins, are sometimes clogged, and it can be useful to give them a boost from time to time. A detox is to allow the body to get rid of the toxins that have accumulated in the body. This detox will be achieved by a "cleansing" that leads to the elimination of these toxins and it can also be achieved by putting our digestive system at rest like intermittent fasting. The latter also promotes the elimination of toxins. Then there are various methods for detoxification!

Who is detox for ?

A healthy lifestyle with a varied and balanced diet is essential but when the organs in charge of eliminating toxins are tired, clogged up by our excesses, we sometimes have a feeling of general tiredness, a grey complexion, or a slightly slow digestion... Our stress can also disrupt the natural elimination of our toxins. Truly, we are all concerned!

Wich detox tea to choose ?

There is not only birch sap in life, there are leaves too! (A kiss to those who have the ref, and who forgive us). All this to tell you that at Beauty Garden we have an organic detox cure to offer you, and as we subtly pointed out, one of its magical ingredients is birch leaf.

Herbalist tradition touts its benefits, this birch leaf is highly valued for its diuretic properties, it removes toxins and detoxifies the skin in particular. So much for a grey complexion. In our organic detox tea, this is the main ingredient. It is accompanied by young blackcurrant shoot, wild pansy which are also stars of the herbalist's trade as far as detox is concerned.

If you ever wanted to enjoy the detox benefits of our organic herbal tea, here are 2 ways to enjoy it!

- For enjoy :

You can sip it here and there, depending on what you feel like, and drink a small cup from time to time for pleasure. This detox infusion is minty, and can be enjoyed both hot and iced depending on the season. A real treat.

- For the benefits :

Our organic detox tea accompanies you for your detox, and for an improvement of the state of your skin, we invite you to taste it in "cure". For example, prepare a thermos of the tea each morning (500ml to 1L) and drink it throughout the day, for 15 days. So, are you ready for the spring detox?

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