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The revolutionary solid cosmetics box !
By 19 avril , 2021 1 Commentaire

The revolutionary solid cosmetics box !

At Beauty GARDEN, we have a little obsession ... (especially Marie, the eco-designer of the range :p). A permanent concern on the products we offer since the creation of our organic brand. That of limiting waste. More and more among us, among you, feel this discomfort, for some it is even sometimes an anxiety. That of buying products, but when you get home, immediately, there are papers, plastics, boxes to throw away! So we have always been keen to offer packaging that has as little impact as possible, giving priority to glass, wood from sustainably managed forests, all that sort of thing.

And today we are going even further, by offering infinitely reusable packaging, with an environmental impact close to zero! Another false marketing argument? Some kind of greenwashing? Well, no, not even that! We tell you more in this article.

To accompany our solid and artisanal cosmetics, you can use our solid cosmetic box! A completely new kind of cosmetic packaging.

solid balm boxsolid balm boxsolid balm box

A balm box 100% innovative.

A new process developed by a beekeeper in our region. He "cultivates" mycelium fibres with plants. In a few days the mycelium roots make the connection with the plants, then Rémi dehydrates them to fix the material. And bam, it makes a balm box!

A solid cosmetic box 100% vegetable.

This box is made only of agricultural co-products from local crops, in the South West (organic hemp, organic flax, sunflower...). And using agricultural co-products is positive, because it allows us not to mobilise agricultural land for the creation of our box. It is also a source of additional value for agriculture and farmers.

An organic box 100% reusable.

Our box has an optimal lifespan, even in a wet bathroom. The natural beeswax on it makes it water repellent. And of course, it can also be reused as a pencil cup, storage box ... Its solidity makes it a suitable substitute for plastic and PVC boxes. If you have a green thumb, the box can also be used as a flower pot.

A cosmetic box 100% compostable.

Materials that come from the earth and return to the earth! And yes, Its decomposition is as surprising as its composition. This ecological box is naturally composted and will degrade in about 12 weeks. In fact, it makes a healthy and fertile humus for the soil.

A box 100% French made

- All materials (wood, agricultural co-products, mycelium and wax) are of French origin and manufacturing is done exclusively at Rémi's, also in France. The materials are also sourced locally, which limits transport!

- Moreover, if we talk about transport, our innovative packaging also has an excellent carbon footprint, because when it travels to your home, its near-zero weight, has a much lower impact than a bulkier or heavier container.

solid balm box

Anyway, we don't know about you, but when we met Rémi, we were extremely enthusiastic about the idea that new virtuous packaging was going to start arriving on the market! And today we are extremely proud to be the first cosmetic brand to offer you this ecological alternative, but also this vision of a world where we can consume less and better!

Choose artisanal brands that are as committed as you are and that take care of your cosmetics but also of the planet!

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      août 23, 2021

      Bonjour, depuis la Martinique, je trouve cela absolument génial ! Félicitations, pour cette réel inovation !

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