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Your skin is tight, redness is appearing ... the cold of the last few days (or weeks!) is starting to make your skin suffer, isn't it?

  • - Outdoor jogging, waiting outside in front of shops ... the hydrolipidic film of your skin is altered and this causes tightness, redness ...
  • - In addition, indoors the radiators are on full blast and will accentuate the drying out of your skin ...
  • - And this mask that does not help anything and comes to irritate your skin already weakened ...

Here are 5 tips to take care of your skin during this cold weather:

  • 1. Limit temperature differences, your skin hates them! This means covering up well outside, but also inside! It is recommended not to put the heating above 19 ° C and prefer a shower at a reasonable temperature rather than a very hot bath (yes we know it's tempting ...)

  • 2. Prefer clothes made with natural materials (organic cotton t-shirts, silk, hemp...) that let your body's natural heat circulate (and yes your body breathes too!)

  • 3. Stay hydrated! Favour hot drinks, our range of Beauty Garden organic herbal teas (from the harvests of our garden of course!) combines the useful (thanks to the benefits of our plants) with the pleasant while varying the pleasures.

  • 5. Adapt your diet, this does not mean eating more or eating fat! But rather meals cooked with seasonal vegetables (carrot/ turnip/panais/sweet potato...) accompanied by various starches (such as rice, quinoa, lentils...) that allow you to fill up on energy to fight against the cold and strengthen your immune system.

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