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Why label NaTrue for our organic cosmetics ?
By 27 novembre , 2020 0 Commentaire

Why label NaTrue for our organic cosmetics ?

NaTrue is an international non-profit association founded in 2007 and based in Brussels. The association is behind the Natrue label and aims to promote and protect natural and organic cosmetics for the benefit of consumers worldwide.

Its high requirements and strict standards make NaTrue, the most demanding label in the cosmetics market. NaTrue is an international standard, known worldwide. NaTrue offers 2 levels of certification:

  • - Organic cosmetics.
  • - Natural cosmetics.

Natrue label bio

NaTrue : The international Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association.

The conditions to be certified organic by NaTrue :

The NaTrue organic certification guarantees that at least 95% of the natural substances or derived natural substances used in the composition of our products are organic. GMO's are prohibited, no petrochemicals are allowed. Some minerals and preservatives may be used for the safety of consumers.

To guarantee the consumer the respect of this nice label, NaTrue organizes audits! An independent auditor regularly visits our company and examines in detail each step of the manufacturing process, but also, for example, all the regulatory documents or technical data sheets of the raw materials. This takes a little time and requires perfect organization to keep all the information up to date, but it is a great victory to see that our work is recognized each year by the renewal of our certificate. #proundteam !

NaTrue's commitment against greenwashing :

We appreciate the commitment of our label against greenwashing, being organic is not just a story of "clean" formula, it is also a global and long-term commitment. That's why :

  • - NNaTrue requires that 75% of all branded products meet the NaTrue standard. As for Beauty Garden, that's 100% of our cosmetic products that are ! :)
  • - The percentage of water is not counted in the total of natural ingredients: considered a neutral substance, it avoids inflating the percentage of naturalness of a product, so that Natrue certified products guarantee a maximum percentage of natural ingredients.
  • - The rate of naturalness is calculated according to the type of product !

Quel label pour nos tisanes bio ?

NaTrue being reserved for cosmetics, you can find the AB label for our organic tans.

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