When you consult our organic herbal teas, organic cosmetics or any page of the site (hereinafter "the Website"), cookies are placed on your computer, your mobile or your tablet.


Indeed, to offer you a quality service, the site makes use of certain cookies. This use allows you for example to identify you and access your account, manage your cart and your orders, memorize your consultations and possibly customize the offers that we provide.



What is a cookie?


The cookie is a block of data that we use to record information about your navigation on the website (this data is collected directly by us or through our partners).


The cookie is also a delicious cake, which all our team loves.



Which cookies can be used by BEAUTY GARDEN?


Several types of cookies may be present on the Website. These cookies have the following purposes:

Cookies necessary for the operation of the Website;

Cookies used as part of the audience measurement;

The social networking cookies generated by the "social network sharing buttons";

Identification cookies;

Cookies related to operations relating to targeted advertising (third-party cookies).


Cookies necessary for the functioning of the website

These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the Website and the navigation on the Website. They allow you to access the main features of the Website (for example: use of the shopping cart or access to your account). In addition, these cookies allow to personalize your experience on our Website (for example by memorizing the products Beauty Garden of your cart).


Without these cookies, you risk losing the benefit of essential functions to navigation on our Website.


Audience measurement cookies

These cookies are intended to establish statistics on the use of the Website and its various sections as well as the use of services offered on the Website (for example, the most consulted pages, the most purchased organic cosmetics, the searches of Internet users made in the search engine ...).

As such, it is specified that all the information collected in the context of the analysis of audience are carried out anonymously.

These are cookies from the Google Analytics solution and Prestashop (host of the Website


Social networking cookies

The Website offers application buttons to share certain content on the Website via social media platforms.

These application buttons thus use cookies to track the browsing of users.

These are, for example, "share" buttons from social networks.

When you click on one of these application buttons, the page of the social network considered is displayed. However, even if you do not click on the application buttons available on the Website, social networks that have made available these application buttons are likely to identify the connection data and navigation on the Website.

Cookies are stored directly by social networks. Thus, your choices regarding the deposit of these cookies must also be done with social networks, by directly consulting the websites of social networks and their policy of protection of personal data.


Identification cookies

The cookies of identification are used within the framework of the creation and / or the connection to the account of the user on the Website.


Cookies related to targeted advertising operations (third-party cookies)

When you access the Website, a cookie may be stored on your computer.

These cookies are intended to enable us to offer you adapted advertising content.


Prior consent to the deposit of cookies


We consider that you have given your consent to the deposit of cookies for the Website, if:


-        you continued your navigation by clicking on the button "Ok, accept all" of the banner informing you of the use of cookies, or on an element of the website such as an image, a title, a button etc. or by visiting any other page than the page through which you accessed the Website when you first logged in.

-        you have continued your navigation, without setting the plotters, after clicking on the "personalize" button, the banner informing you of the use of cookies.


In these cases, it is expressly stated that you have given your consent to the deposit of all cookies on the Website.


This agreement is only valid for a period of thirteen months from the first deposit in your computer. Once this period has passed, your agreement will be requested again for the use of these cookies on the website.


You can, at any time, modify your wishes regarding the deposit of cookies by the website via the "Cookies Management" module located at the bottom right of your screen.


The refusal of cookies


As a reminder, the setting is likely to modify your conditions of access to the services of the Website. Without these cookies, you risk losing the benefit of functions essential to navigation on our Website.


So, you can choose to navigate without cookies. Nevertheless, if you configure the refusal of cookies globally, you will not be able to make purchases or take advantage of the services of our Website, such as for example to store an organic herbal tea in your cart or to receive personalized privilege offers.


How to exercise your choices?


Manage cookies by manual configuration is possible directly in your browser. As such, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu and will allow you to know how to modify your wishes in terms of cookies. Here are the help pages for:


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