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5 tips to fight against the cold and protect our skin. Your skin feels tight, redness appears ... the cold of the last few days (see weeks!) Is starting to hurt your skin, isn't it?

What's the point of washing your hands ?

Nowadays it's Covid-19 time. Here you can find some information about soap properties and why it is important to wash your hands.

Herbal teas, what health benefits ?

Herbal tea is a drink with healing properties obtained by infusion, maceration or decoction of plants: fresh flowers, dried flowers, stems, leaves or roots. Herbal tea can be drunk hot or cold.

4 advantages of solid soap

What if you switched to solid soap? Here are 4 advantages to this ecological solution

Extend your tan naturally

First of all, we don't lose our mood, because back to school doesn't mean the end of summer. Besides, you might be going on vacation soon, and if not, the weather forecast assures you some nice sunny weekends during this month of September, maybe even in October !