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April in the vegetable garden

What a pleasure to be able to spend time in the vegetable garden, to listen to the birds singing... Yes! The mildness of spring is settling in but does not leave us any respite in the garden! It is already time to start the preparations for the future summer harvest. It is true that we appreciate the first rays of sunshine, however, April remains a rather cold month and a little treacherous depending on the region. So let's stay vigilant !

March in the vegetable garden

In most cases, the arrival of March heralds the arrival of spring. Only it can be delayed by the still present cold ! Despite the uncertain weather, we don't have time to be bored in the garden ! 

January in the vegetable garden

January is the coldest month of the year, so the vegetation rests. But you can't do the same! It is therefore important to put some order in your garden! To do this, we suggest 4 actions to take. A way to wait until spring

herbal tea detox

A healthy lifestyle with a varied and balanced diet is essential but when the organs in charge of eliminating toxins are tired, clogged up by our excesses, we sometimes have a feeling of general tiredness, a grey complexion, or a slightly slow digestion...

Mint iced tea recipe, quick and homemade !

Mint iced tea recipe, quick and homemade !