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What to do in August in the vegetable garden ?

There's an air of holiday in the garden. But " holiday " does not mean rest. August is harvest month in the garden !

What to do in july in the vegetable garden

Here is our selection for the month of July! Something to keep you busy during the summer vacations with the little ones !

What to do in June in the vegetable garden ?

The morning frosts have definitely packed up and given way to sunshine and warmth! June is an important month of the year in the vegetable garden.

May in the garden

In May, do what you want! And that's what we plan to do in the garden this month. Indeed, May is one of the busiest and most important months of the year for planting.

April in the vegetable garden

What a pleasure to be able to spend time in the vegetable garden, to listen to the birds singing... Yes! The mildness of spring is settling in but does not leave us any respite in the garden! It is already time to start the preparations for the future summer harvest. It is true that we appreciate the first rays of sunshine, however, April remains a rather cold month and a little treacherous depending on the region. So let's stay vigilant !