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The anti-rust tea to be in shape this winter
By 17 octobre , 2022 0 Commentaire

The anti-rust tea to be in shape this winter

Prepare your body from winter ailments today with a course of Beauty Garden Rustproofing tea !

The change of season was brutal this year, as soon as the summer heat was over, we were greeted by cool mornings and temperatures that hardly exceeded 15°C during the day !

The autumn cycle of nature is on its way, with shorter days and a decrease in energy for our crops that can easily be seen during a walk in the garden ... In this month of October, some wild pansies are still blooming stealthily in our garden, while the ash leaves are giving up to the beautiful yellow-orange autumnal colors so characteristic of this season, to offer us an incredibly soft light at the sunset :) And yes, nature is gradually folding and preparing to welcome the winter season !

We evolve with these seasonal changes. Our skin suddenly lacks radiance, a drop in energy can be felt and it is sometimes difficult to keep a restful sleep. What if we took the lead today to help our body adapt to this upheaval and stay healthy this winter !

carotte violette pour la peau

The Anti-Rust Organic Herbal Tea Cure to strengthen your body :

In autumn cure, this mixture of plants, collected in our garden and in wild gathering around the commune of Auriac according to the herbalist tradition, is an ideal ally to mitigate this upheaval and to reinforce your internal energy. Dried with the soft method, our plants are concentrated in active principles for a true potion / herbal tea wellbeing which will help your body to drain the impurities, to give again brightness to the skin, and to relieve the articular pains.

Ash and meadowsweet are well known in herbal medicine to facilitate the elimination of toxins. A bonus to reactivate the drainage and the "cleaning" of the body at the beginning of the winter, to reinforce the immune defenses and thus prevent diseases :). We chose the nettle & rosemary for their remineralizing and toning action on the body !

The recipe for our wellness potion :

We recommend a 3 weeks cure with 3 to 4 cups per day to get all the benefits. Infuse 1 gr of Anti-rust tea in water at 85°C for 3min then enjoy your infusion without forgetting to add a nice spoonful of delicious organic forest honey from Maison Fedon ! In addition to its high antibacterial power, this honey made in the Limousin region of France has an energizing and energizing effect on the body !

And don't forget, strengthening the internal microbiota also requires a seasonal diet! Let's eat carrots, cabbage, black radish and legumes to gain vitality this winter !

protéger microbiote de sa peau

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