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How to take care of your skin microbiota ?
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How to take care of your skin microbiota ?

The microbiota... almost certain that you have already heard of it! The best known is the gut microbiota, but did you know that the skin also has its own microbiota? We tell you more about the skin microbiota and how to preserve it.

What is the skin microbiota ?

It is a community of micro-organisms that covers your skin permanently. This microbiota is invisible to our eyes but has an essential role since some of these microorganisms protect the skin from the penetration and proliferation of bacteria. They act as a protective film and regulate the skin's condition. A healthy skin flora is the secret of a beautiful skin! A balanced skin that resists infections, pimples, allergies ...

This may seem surprising, because among the organisms of this microbiota there are some names that evoke rather unpleasant infections, such as staphylococci or streptococci. If the skin microbiota is healthy and the pH of the skin is slightly acidic, then these microbes are inactive. Indeed, they cannot proliferate in an acidic environment and will not penetrate the deep layers of the epidermis.

But if a healthy skin microbiota is the secret of a healthy skin... how to preserve it ?

1 - IN - Prendre soin de son microbiote intestinal :

Recent studies have shown that the proper balance of the skin microbiota depends in large part on the health of the gut microbiota.

It is recommended, among other things, for the good health of the intestinal microbiota to have a varied diet rich in prebiotics and probiotics.

- Probiotics : These are micro-organisms that enrich the intestinal microbiotal.
- Prebiotics : They are the "food" of probiotics. To enrich the microbiota, probiotics need the presence of prebiotics.

What foods are rich in prebiotics ?

- Garlic, leek, Jerusalem artichoke, asparagus, banana, artichoke, Brazil nuts, chia seeds, tomato, rye, fermented milk products (yogurt), kefir ...

What foods are rich in probiotics ?

Lacto-fermented foods, kombucha, kefir, olives, sourdough bread, pickles, sauerkraut, Roquefort cheese, red beans, split peas, and legumes in general.

2 – OUT – Taking care of your skin :

The skin microbiota is subject to numerous aggressions, UV, pollution, microbes, chemicals... This is why it is essential to preserve the skin's protective film, the famous hydrolipidic film, to protect your skin microbiota.

And to preserve it, you must carefully choose the cosmetics and hygiene products that you apply to your skin every day :

- Choose certified organic cosmetics - they contain only natural ingredients, zero synthetic ingredients, zero GMOs, zero endocrine disruptors ...
- Choose cosmetics that respect the pH of your skin to preserve the skin microbiota !

protéger microbiote de sa peau

The favorite of your skin microbiota :

The purple carrots organic cream has a slightly acidic pH of 4.5. It is perfectly adapted to normal to dry skin and thus allows to maintain a stable pH and thus to preserve naturally the hydrolipidic film. We have conducted tests in an independent laboratory to demonstrate the positive action of the organic cream with purple carrot on the respect and maintenance of skin microbiota.

The test showed that the organic cream with purple carrot intensely moisturizes while respecting the skin microbiota. The balance of the skin is thus preserved which explains the results of this product for a beautiful and healthy skin ...

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