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What to do in August in the vegetable garden ?
By 07 juillet , 2022 0 Commentaire

What to do in August in the vegetable garden ?

There's an atmosphere of holiday in the garden. But " holiday " does not mean rest. August is harvest month in the garden! It's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, the garden still needs attention and we have some planting to do. So don't wait any longer and let's get to work for a busy August (we'll take a little break before school starts, I promise!). In the meantime, here are the 4 missions :

1. Harvesting early potatoes :

remember, we already planted our potatoes in April : what to do in the vegetable garden in April ?It is now time to harvest early potatoes. To preserve them, store them in a cool, dark place, such as the cellar.

2. Sowing chervil :

To promote the growth of chervil, favour a semi-shaded soil. Chervil does not tolerate too much sun. Form rows spaced 25cm apart then sow each seed about 1cm apart. Then water. When the plants have developed 4 to 5 leaves, thin out to 10cm, then water again. Be careful, remember to weed well.

3. Sowing white onions :

We are in the ideal period to sow the white onions! To do this, you will place the seeds every 2cm by digging furrows of about 1cm, spaced 25cm apart. To finish, cover with soil.

4. Covering the seedlings :

We are in the middle of summer and our seedlings are exposed to the sun. So to protect them, we have a solution. Place crates upside down on the seedlings and young plants. This will facilitate their rooting and will protect them from the too aggressive sun rays. If the temperatures are too high, make sure that the garden does not dry out. Water if necessary, while limiting water consumption! So that the soil remains moist.

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