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January in the vegetable garden
By 21 janvier , 2022 0 Commentaire

January in the vegetable garden

January is the coldest month of the year, so the vegetation rests. But you can't do the same! It is therefore important to put some order in your garden! To do this, we suggest 4 actions to take.

A way to wait until spring

Installing birdhouses

Birds are very important in our biodiversity, they pollinate plants, spread seeds, feed on insects that are often enemies of the organic gardener... That is why it is important to take care of them. Building nesting boxes for birds gives them shelter and provides them with ideal nesting places.

Here is an example of a "letterbox" nesting box that is simple to build and suitable for several bird species.

birdhouse plan

Protecting your vegetable garden from the cold

The cold, sometimes freezing January brings frost, and we invite you to set up mulching! Mulching with dead leaves helps to protect the most fragile future crops. It will also serve to fertilize our soil. This way of protecting it is just like Beauty Garden, 100% natural and biodegradable ! All you have to do is make a pile of dead leaves and then spread them over the entire vegetable garden, leaving a layer about 20 cm thick, and that's it !

Pruning shrubs and fruit trees

It's time for a new clean-up ! Autumn has passed, the leaves have fallen and our shrubs are bare! Pruning our shrubs is important, but not only from an aesthetic point of view, as it helps to keep them healthy and contributes to their balance. This promises a more intense flowering in the spring, and above all an even more generous harvest.

Improve your land with manure

Made up of organic matter (manure) and compost, manure enriches the soil and improves its structure. This fertilizer improves root growth by promoting plant development. This step should be carried out during the winter and ideally without frost or rain.

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