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How about permaculture in your garden ?
By 29 juillet , 2020 0 Commentaire

How about permaculture in your garden ?

Permaculture is an integrated and evolutionary method of cultivation based on natural ecosystems and is part of an ethical approach as well. Permaculture can be materialized through different techniques, such as the one we’re going to talk about today... the warm layer !

The warm layer enables to cultivate easily early crops. This technique consists in creating heat through the fermentation of the compost. This natural and warming “mattress” for your crops can be made from January to March.

How do you carry out this technique at home ? ?

  • - Choose a south-facing location !
  • - You can dig a pit from 30 to 60 cm deep and 1.30 meters wide (in average) or make a formwork of the same dimensions. Adapt the length depending on the space you have on your plot of land.
  • - Bonus : on the pit’s sides, you can place cinder blocks (if you don't have any, don't worry !).
  • - Fill the pit with compost or straw, compact it and water it abundantly !
  • - Assemble 4 wooden planks to make a formwork. For the front, take a plank with a height of 20 to 25 cm.For the back, take a 30 cm high plank. If you want to close it, place glass frames to finish forming the frame.
  • - Put 20 cm of compost in the formwork.
  • - And finally, wrap it all in straw !

How to care for your land in permaculture ?

  • - If you have correctly made your layer, the fermentation will start very quickly ! Going up from 60°C to 70°C in the first 10 days, and then the temperature will drop to 25°C.
  • - Keep a close eye to the temperature of the potting soil : it never has to exceed 25°C !.
  • - When it’s hot, if your formwork is glazed, open it during the day !
  • - When it is freezing, cover your warm layer with a glass or a polycarbonate sheet. If you have a ground crop, put a wintering veil to protect it !

To conclude :

There you go ! Now, you can experiment permaculture through this warm layer technique.

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