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Herbal teas, what health benefits ?
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Herbal teas, what health benefits ?

Herbal tea is a drink with healing properties obtained by infusion, maceration or decoction of plants: fresh flowers, dried flowers, stems, leaves or roots. Herbal tea can be drunk hot or cold.

The herbal tea origin :

The therapeutic properties of plants have been known and used for thousands of years. Phytotherapy refers to medicine based on plant extracts and natural active ingredients. This word comes from the Greek "phytos" meaning plant and "therapeuo" meaning to heal.Nowadays, herbal teas are used both for their therapeutic properties and for their pleasant and comforting taste. They can be prepared in different ways :

Les différentes manières de préparer vos tisanes :

  • 1. Macerationconsists in soaking the plants in cold water in order to perfume this water. This requires several hours.
  • 2. The decoctionprocess is boiling water in which the plants are immersed for a few minutes. You can enjoy the hot herbal tea or let it cool down.
  • 3. The infusionconsists in pouring boiling water directly on the plants and let it infuse for ten minutes.

benefits of herbal tea

Herbal teas principles:

Regardless of the method of preparation used, the benefits of herbal teas are the same. They come from the different active ingredients contained in the plants used.Therefore, herbal tea is full of vitamins and trace elements, but the tea must be carefully prepared because some plants have very powerful properties and their mixture can sometimes be toxic, when under or overdosed, which then makes you lose all the benefits of the herbal tea.

The plants have special properties and have to be used according to the desired well-being: fight for not being tired, relieve blood circulation problems, prevent winter infections, facilitate digestion, help to fight against anxiety or sleep disorders... For each need, an herbal tea corresponds.

Since the benefits of herbal tea come from the plants themselves, it is fundamental to favour herbal teas made from organic plants and flowers. Indeed, the nutrients of the plants are found in the herbal tea, but if they also contain pesticides or other chemical products used during the cultivation, they will also be found in the herbal tea and be absorbed by the body. Therefore it is fundamental to know the origin of the herbal teas you drink.

herbal tea consumption

AIn order to be effective, herbal tea must be consumed regularly. Consumption should be 3 or 4 cups daily. It is recommended to not add sugar in your herbal tea at the risk of diminishing the benefits of the active ingredients. However, you can use honey to add a sweet touch to your herbal tea if you wish.

At Beauty Garden,4 herbal teas are offered depending on what you are looking for. They have all been prepared by hand by harvesting the plants that have grown in our organic vegetable garden in Auriac. They are then dried in the artisanal dryer in order to preserve all their aromas and active ingredients!4 tisanes sont proposées en fonction de ce que vous recherchez.

Plunge 1 gram of the herbal tea of your choice for 3 minutes in water at 80 degrees before settling comfortably for tasting! And the little extra : the packaging is ecological and made in France!

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