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Extend your tan naturally
By 18 mars , 2020 0 Commentaire

Extend your tan naturally

September does not mean the end of summer. Besides, you may be going on vacation soon, and if not, the weather forecast assures you of a few beautiful sunny weekends during this month of September, maybe even in October! And if the sea, the sun, the wind, the salt have done you good, they have made your skin suffer. These different elements are all aggressions for the skin and here is a simple program to follow during September to regain radiance, a healthy skin and make your tan last. And for once we are interested in a body ritual.

Step n°1 : Scrub once a week !

Gommage bronzage

Unlike what we often think, exfoliation does not make your tan disappear. On the contrary, a weekly exfoliation will allow you to get rid of dead cells and therefore restore the radiance of your skin and preserve the tan, golden or even the darker complexion your tan for people who have been exposed to the sun. The good news is that if you plan to continue inviting the September sun onto your legs, regular exfoliation also helps prepare your skin for the sun.

How should i use a scrubbing cream ?

Obviously, we recommend you to exfoliate your skin with our organic scrub with beet sugar and calendula. A bewitching texture for a natural scrub with beet sugar and calendula! 

This care is designed for the body and is applied to dry skin. When rinsed with water, the sugar grains melt on the skin and the gel turns into milk to leave the skin soft, velvety, and without a greasy film! In addition, this cosmetic is vegan, 100% of natural origin and certified organic. If it's not yet in your bathroom, you should try it the body scrub with beet sugar.

Étape n°2 : Hydrater sa peau au quotidien !

The winners of the crocodile skin look this summer are probably your legs and arms, but don't forget the back, the neck, the chest ... they also suffer even if it is a little less visible. Come on, a little discipline we suggest you nourish your skin once a week after your scrub but especially every evening after the shower. For those who have been following, this will help prolong your tan! You avoid peeling skin and fading summer colors, and you restore the skin's radiance and suppleness.

We suggest 2 organic cosmetics to you ! The organic calendula oil, or for those who want a creamy texture, you can also opt for the organic calendula balm.

Bref, un petit rituel tout simple à réaliser sur le mois de Septembre pour un bronzage qui dure, naturellement. Alors, on tente ? Crédit photo : Dan Courtis

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