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Cucumber is the friend of your beauty
By 18 mars , 2020 0 Commentaire

Cucumber is the friend of your beauty

Cucumber is the star of summer, you cannot miss it, it is on all the stalls in the market, in the vegetable gardens and you should not miss it because it is full of benefits. But to begin with, let's answer the debate that is causing so much excitement in the summer evenings: is the cucumber a fruit or a vegetable ?

3 information about this pretty cucurbit, cocumber is from to the squash family !

  • 1 - Cucumbers are mainly composed of water (more than 95%).
  • 2 - It is in the top 10 favorite vegetables of the French (at the 8th place to be precise).
  • 3 - It is a food available almost all year round, since it can be found in vegetable gardens nearly 7 months a year (April-October for Mediterranean vegetable gardens).

Why cucumber juice is good for the health ?

  • 1 - It improves the health of your hair! Rich in silicon, cucumber juice promotes hair growth and preserves its beauty.
  • 2 - It is very low in calories: Being mainly composed of water, the cucumber is a vegetable low in fat and sugar. (This does not take away from its nutritional qualities). It is usually eaten raw, but it can also be eaten cooked!
  • 3 - It is rich in vitamins, in the juice of cucumber you can find the vitamin K, but also the vitamin C. In short, this vegetable (or would it be a fruit?) is a real ally.

Why is cucumber juice good for our skin ?

  • 1 - Decongestant : It is the secret of our grandmothers, the cucumber is very fresh and would thus act as a thermal care! Applied to the skin, it would decongest it... Perfect for the summer !
  • 2 - Astringent : The juice of cucumber is astringent, this means that it allows to erase the effect "dilated pores" and thus to decrease the appearance of blackheads... The oily skins appreciate particularly.
  • 3 - Hydrating : Remember, cucumber is composed of more than 95% water, it is also rich in vitamin B9, and is therefore perfect for moisturizing the upper layers of your skin.

Moreover, The cucumber is considered a fruit from a botanical point of view, but from a culinary point of view, it is considered a vegetable! Cucumber juice or simply cucumber is ideal for the skin and that's why we use it in our organic cosmetics! If you don't know it yet, take a look at our organic cucumber mask.

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