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Spring beauty ritual for healthy skin !
By 18 mars , 2020 0 Commentaire

Spring beauty ritual for healthy skin !

Step 1: We clean and purify !

We suggest you first clean your skin with our organic cleansing balm with wild pansy. Simply apply this balm to dry skin and massage your face and neck. This massage allows to make the impurities and the make-up adhere to the gel texture of the balm (not glamorous, but so effective...). Then you can moisten your hands and rinse the gel balm, which then turns into milk and completes the cleansing of the face, all without leaving a greasy effect.

Bonus : This organic balm is soap-free, and preserves the skin's natural moisture. No more oily or irritated skin after cleansing your face! Your skin is also perfectly cleansed, purified and detoxified.

Step 2: We hydrate and we detoxify our skin !

A quick wipe of the face with a towel to finalize the cleansing before moving on to moisturizing! Once again, wild pansy is in the spotlight! This spring flower is well known in herbal medicine for its detox properties. In this moisturizing fluid, we have prepared a maceration with organic wild pansies from our garden, and this maceration is the main active ingredient of the fluid. To intensify the hydration, we also formulate this fluid with cocoa butter.

We take a mini hazelnut of the organic moisturizing fluid and apply on the face with circular movements from the bottom to the top. The result? A light texture, intense hydration and the benefits of wild pansy to detoxify your skin. After application, the skin is immediately hydrated and comforted. The fluid leaves the skin soft and fresh, and the complexion radiant.

Step 3: What do you think about a détox cure ?

To make your complexion radiant and detoxified, we have imagined the organic cleansing balm with wild pansy and the organic moisturizing fluid with wild pansy ! Because beauty is a whole, we invite you to complete the detoxifying action of these organic cosmetics with a detox cure. The detox cure can be imagined over a week with the organic detox tea from Beauty Garden.We can find in this infusion, the nettle, the wild pansy and the young blackcurrant shoot, which are traditionally used in herbal medicine for the elimination of toxins.

Prepare a 75cl stove in the morning, and enjoy our herbal tea throughout the day. The benefits of these plants are known to detoxify the body, but also the skin! In short, a small and simple ritual under the sign of the organic, for an improvement of your complexion, and a healthy and beautiful skin. So, let's give it a try?

*These organic cosmetics are vegan, which means that they are not tested on animals, formulated from ingredients derived from animals or from animal exploitation.

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