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A day in our garden
By 18 mars , 2020 0 Commentaire

A day in our garden

1 - A morning with lisa and the flowers :

During the summer in the garden, our plants need a lot of care and attention, and that's why we welcome Lisa as an intern to help the team! She tells you about a day in the Beauty Garden: "The day usually starts at 7am in the garden, said like that it's very (too) early but during the summer months it's probably the most pleasant and coolest time to work. The "red thread" of the mornings of my internship is to collect every day three types of flowers, borage, mallow and calendula. I like to think that these flowers will be used in the organic and naturals cosmetics or in the herbal teas of Beauty Garden. In the team that takes care of the garden this summer, some are landscapers or market gardeners and I am a bit of a professional flower picker.

2 - Drying of flowers and weeding :

To be able to make enough calendula cosmetics, did you know that this summer the garden has to yield more than 120 kg of Calendula? 120 kg! That's more than twice my weight, twice me in flower! And I can tell you that one calendula flower is very light, it's the weight of a butterfly on a diet...
Once this step is finished, it is then time for weeding. And yes in organic farming everything is done by hand, there are no chemicals to prevent weeds from living their lives in their garden, and believe me, they have passed the word! It is not my favorite task but it is a necessary step to maintain the plants and have a beautiful garden.

3 - When it's rainy :

This afternoon, it's raining! This is often the moment we choose to prepare and package the organic herbal teas. I mix with Carole the medicinal plants and flowers that we have collected since the beginning of the summer. Then we pack them in bags or in nice wooden boxes. Once again, everything is done by hand in the workshop! And all I can tell you is that if you order the herbal teas we take care of with Carole the herbalist manager, they are made with love!"

See you soon! Lisa, intern at Beauty Garden.

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