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Three tips to manage the time change
By 18 mars , 2020 0 Commentaire

Three tips to manage the time change

Your body needs about ten days to find its biological rhythm after a time change. The change to daylight saving time is the most confusing for the body. And yes, your nights will be shorter, we lose an hour of sleep !

Tips 1 - Delaying the alarm clock

Adopt this new rhythm gently by bringing forward your alarm clock by 15 minutes 3 days before the time change, then by 30 minutes two days before and 45 minutes the day before. Your body will be a little less confused on Monday morning.

Tips 2 - Go to bed earlier & eat less at evening :

A light dinner allows for easier digestion which will interfere less with your sleep. So if you had plans for chili con carne or truffade this weekend, it is strongly advised to review your menu. You can also avoid exciting drinks such as tea or coffee, especially after 5pm... but nothing forbids a good soothing herbal tea with lime, chamomile or the traditional little verbena from grandma's house.

To help reduce the effects of the time change on your body, you can also simply go to bed earlier. The above tips should help your body fall asleep an hour earlier than usual...

Tips 3 - Use organic cosmetics to anticipate the signs of fatigue :

If you don't follow our two previous tips, or if nothing helps and the time change exhausts you every year... here's a third tip to relax your skin. Yes, after a short night, or when your sleep cycle is disturbed... your skin gets tired faster, especially around the eyes.

Try to use our our organic daisy concentrate to reduce the effects of fatigue and fine lines.

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