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Three simple rituals for a peaceful night
By 18 mars , 2020 1 Commentaire

Three simple rituals for a peaceful night

1- One hour after dinner: herbal tea time !

Skip the digestif, plum liqueur or coffee shoot and switch to herbal tea. Ideally, select an herbal tea concocted with plants that promote sleep or digestion, or both. Chamomile, linden, lemon balm, verbena for example... Beyond the soothing power of plants, the herbal tea ritual also allows :
– To have a quiet moment to yourself to evacuate the stress of the day.

2- Just before going to bed: Five minutes of beauty.

Even if everyone knows it, we don't take the time we need... and yet two minutes to remove makeup before bedtime are essential for your skin, your sleep, and a good night. You can also take advantage of the make-up removal to do a self-massage of the face. Relaxation guaranteed!

After the makeup remover, think of the night cream to moisturize and rest your skin while you sleep. Obviously, we invite you to favor organic cosmetics with very discreet perfumes or even without perfume...

3 – Under the covers : we make peace with ourselves

You can even empty your mind one hour before going to bed by giving up alcohol and cigarettes, for example. And once under the comforter, ciao televisions, computers, tablets, tamagotchis (in case you get stuck in 1999), smartphones and company.

Specialists also advise us to clear our heads, and visualize a soothing place. So let's give it a try? Good night ...

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