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The ingredients in our cosmetics
By 18 mars , 2020 0 Commentaire

The ingredients in our cosmetics

Lately we have received some questions about the raw materials present in our organic and naturals cosmetics. And yes, it's good to see that we are more and more sensitive to the quality of the products we put on our skin. So many of us were interested in the UFC que choisir survey on ingredients in cosmetics.

UFC que choisir has identified 185 potentially toxic substances in everyday cosmetics! Not really reassuring... However, to help us better discern the problematic materials when we choose our day cream or make-up remover, UFC offers you this magic card ...

By the way, we confirm that no so-called hazardous materials are present in Beauty Garden cosmetics! But of course, you suspected it all !

Focus on allergens :

UFC que Choisir has also drawn attention to certain allergens in its list of substances to be avoided ... Now, some of the allergens listed are natural here are some details on the subject :

The allergenic substances that can be found in some Beauty Garden cosmetics (linalool, limonene, eugenol and citronellol) are brought by the natural ingredients present in the perfumes used. These molecules are naturally present in the essential oils that make up our products.

These substances are listed on the formulas' display, as required by the European cosmetic regulation, in order to inform all allergic persons of their presence in the product. But for people who are not allergic, the presence of these substances does not pose any problem.

Please note that you will not find any allergens from preservatives in our products, the only allergens listed are those naturally present in essential oils. A warning against the risks of allergies has above all an informative character for the people presenting a known allergy...

All the perfumes we use in the Beauty Garden range comply with the strictest regulations to ensure consumer safety, they also comply with the latest recommendations of the IFRA (International Fragrance Association), and of course our perfumes comply with the Natrue organic label.

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