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Beauty Garden is growing up !
By 18 mars , 2020 0 Commentaire

Beauty Garden is growing up !

This is the kind of story we couldn't wait to tell you, and yes, the story of Beauty Garden, our little organic brand, which is growing! For several weeks, our mailbox has been invaded by messages from beautiful organic stores that want our herbal teas and cosmetics, our phone rings and rings again and the packages don't stop! You are great, thank you! So much so that we almost have a little trouble keeping up with the pace of production ...

All this is a new one for us, and even if this partnership is only temporary, the time to expand our workshop and our team ... here is how we make our Calendula oil.

1- The flowers from our garden are received by Valerie, and a quality control is done to ensure that the flowers have not been polluted during transport.

2- The production takes place as usual, but in a larger tank and with the help of Pascal !

3- The biggest change for the team is the filling of the bottles and the labeling! 500 bottles prepared in 1 hour, a record that is just a little bit crazy for us …

Of course we tell you the story in a shortened version, because everything happens in a factory certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and our products have been pampered, tested, controlled, registered! In short, it was our first big production! The rest of the family, organic cream with purple carrot, organic make-up remover with chamomile or organic balm with calendula should also make a small passage in this factory soon, to allow us to continue to propose our products.

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