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3 facts about our cosmetics which are not tested on animals

Because you have a lot of questions about animal testing, because we often have the opportunity to discuss it together and because this subject is very important to us, here are the answers to 3 questions you often ask us on the subject.

Extend your tan naturally

First of all, we don't lose our mood, because back to school doesn't mean the end of summer. Besides, you might be going on vacation soon, and if not, the weather forecast assures you some nice sunny weekends during this month of September, maybe even in October !

Cucumber is the friend of your beauty

The cucumber, this star of the summer, you cannot miss it, it is on all the stalls in the market, in the vegetable gardens and you should not miss it because it is full of benefits. But to begin with, let's answer the debate that is causing so much excitement in the summer evenings: is the cucumber a fruit or a vegetable?

Spring beauty ritual for healthy skin !

What do you think about change beauty routine ? Yes, from one season to another, the skin does not have the same needs, so we suggest you discover our special detox beauty routine designed for the beautiful days.

Beauty rituals of sunday

We never really have time to relax ... this Sunday we finally take a moment to stop time and pamper ourselves? And you're deserved it !