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Mai im Gemüsegarten
By 20 avril , 2022 0 Commentaire

Mai im Gemüsegarten

In May, do what you want! And that's what we plan to do in the garden this month. Indeed, May is one of the busiest and most important months of the year for planting.

Sunshine and spring temperatures will be there, but don't forget the traditional "Saints de Glace" scheduled between May 11th and 13th, which still reserves some frosts... What if we started our sowing and planting after this cold spell ? What if we start our seedlings and plantations after this cold spell ? What a way to breathe a little and take advantage of this respite to weed our garden !

Here are our 4 missions for this month of May :

1. Sowing beans :

From the Fabaceae family, often enjoyed in salads or in the pan, green beans are making a comeback this May. Sow the seeds in a not too humid soil, spacing them 5 cm apart. Sun exposure is recommended to promote growth. Harvest will take place in August.

2. Sowing the pumpkinn :

A must-have for autumn, the pumpkin has won over Beauty Garden fans with its organic cocooning mask with pumpkin juice. It's time for us to start planting! Choose a rich soil. Plant 2 to 3 seeds in each furrow, 2.5 cm apart. Remember to thin out after 3 weeks. The harvest will take place in October.

3. Planting cauliflower :

When the cabbages have reached a number of leaves between 4 and 6, proceed to planting. Choose a decomposed soil and plant the cabbages at a depth of 10 cm, spacing each plant at 60 cm. In order to never let the soil dry, remember to water regularly.

4. Planting tomatoes :

A vegetable garden without tomatoes is not a real vegetable garden! So let's do something about that! Tomatoes need warmth to ripen properly and prefer rich, moist soil. Don't forget to stake the tomato plants when planting. Plant the tomatoes 10 cm deep, spacing the rows about 70 cm apart. You can harvest them when they are well colored.

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