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  • natürliche Luffaschwämme

Loofah 100% natürliches Körperpeeling

5,90 €

Exfoliate your body in a natural way with our 100% vegetable Loofah squash. Ideal under the shower with our organic body scrubour natural soaps or our shower cream.

Whole Loofah squash, to cut up at home for several vegetable sponges (up to 4 or 5 sponges depending on the slices you wish to cut).

Delivered without packaging or labels for a 100% zero waste sponge and the most eco-friendly shower possible.

sos faune sauvage


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Exfoliating loofah sponge :

Discover the vegetable sponge to exfoliate the whole body naturally! Moisten the Loofah squash, then exfoliate the skin with circular movements all over the body to remove dead skin. The skin is perfectly clean and soft! An eco-responsible and environmentally friendly action. You can use it once a week for many months, drying your Loofah after each use.

Vegetable sponge for the body:

You can also rub the vegetable sponge against one of our soaps beforehand or use it with our shower cream.


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